Introducing ATTEROM
the highest performing pyrolysis plant

We develop, design and deliver the most advanced and proven customized pyrolysis systems able to guarantee energy-efficient waste management solutions, making a lasting impact for a better world all the while economically profitable.

The Problems

With climate change reaching its peak, and outdated technologies offered to this day being unable to scale up to the demand of the waste management companies, critical and effective solution are urgently needed

CO2 Levels

Are now over 400ppm for the first time in human history

Year 2015

Was the hottest year on record since 800,000 years

CO2 Emissions

33 billion tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere by human activity

Methane and NOx

They are a massive threat to human health, ecosystems and the economy


of global waste is organic


of energy is provided by nonrenewable fossil fuels

The Solutions

Our Pyrolysis Technology

attterom-fw – Advanced Technology for Thermal Treatment Energy & Recycling of Organic Material:

  • Heats biomass in the absence of oxygen thereby having no toxic emissions
  • Generates bio-waste energy in form of syngas (used for heat and electricity)
  • Sequestrates CO2 emissions in biochar (carbon negative process).

Our Product: BioCement

GAMATEC’s years of testing and experience has enabled us to gain extensive and privileged knowledge on the application for biochar and create this patented, heavily tested, highly durable, pollution reducing building material.


We integrated the biochar our technology produces (containing three times its weight in atmospheric CO2) into building materials. By doing this we are trapping massive amounts of CO2 in thereby radically lowering the carbon footprint by at least 25% of urban areas.



  • Gate fee for treating waste
  • Biochar sales
  • Energy sales
  • Generating carbon credits certificates


  • Renewable biowaste energy
  • Carbon negative production
  • Long-term carbon sequestration
  • Decontaminating air, water and land using Biochar

From waste problem to valuable product

GAMATEC offer solutions to many waste applications

Organic waste

Organic waste is the single largest waste fraction on the planet. We convert this waste stream into energy while trapping CO2 emission in valuable biochar

Tire waste

Over 1 billion waste tires are discarded globally per year. We convert the waste into low emissions energy while recovering valuable steal and carbon black

Asphalt waste

Every year millions of tons of asphalt are milled or dug directly generating the need for raw materials for the production of new material.

Carbon Sink City

GAMATEC’s Pollution Reducing Concrete Project

In todays world, the construction industry is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). With human population growth projected to steadily rise, urban areas will continue to get negatively effected by GHG emissions. But there’s hope! The rise of carbon dioxide removal technologies are spearheading a new concept called Carbon Sink Cities. GAMATEC has been on the forefront of this movement and developed a patented carbon sequestrating concrete formula enabling cities to become part of the solution and become carbon negative. We are integrating the biochar our technology produces (containing three times its weight in atmospheric CO2) into building materials. By doing this we are trapping massive amounts of CO2 in thereby radically lowering the carbon footprint by at least 25% of urban areas.

We are integrating the biochar our technology produces (containing three times its weight in atmospheric CO2) into building materials. By doing this we are trapping massive amounts of CO2 in thereby radically lowering the carbon footprint by at least 25% of urban areas.

The benefits of GAMATEC’s Pollution Reducing Concrete:

  • Trapping CO2
  • Increasing flame resistance without toxic substances
  • Material adsorbs NOX
  • Reducing air pollutants
  • Increases insulation
  • Material is lighter in weight but still just as strong and durable
  • Reduces bacteria and allergens from living environments

References & Certificates

Thanks to our continous rigorous testing obtained certificates and satisfied customers, we can guarantee that our technology and applications are of the absolute highest quality and consistency out in the market today.


City of Amsterdam

GAMATEC SA and solution to convert Organic Waste into Biochar was selected by the City of Amsterdam in its Startup in Residence Programme, which gives startups the chance to work together with governments to grow and find new solutions. – See more at:


GAMATEC has been recognized in the press as leader in the development and expansion of pyrolysis technologies and biochar. Stay up to date with our latest developments here.

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Het Parool

About us

GAMATEC is a clean tech company at the cutting edge of both pyrolysis technology and the biochar economy. With our long-standing experience in the energy, construction and marketing sectors, our team has been able to successfully combine our proven technology with innovation to turn waste into a genuine asset. Beautiful in their simplicity, our solutions are an acceleration and optimization of natural processes that benefit both business and the environment.

Giuseppe Antonioli


Giuseppe Antonioli serves as General Manager for Gamatec. Giuseppe has a large direct business experience in the environmental, infrastructures, construction and materials sectors and manages an established sales and international relationships network.

Dr. -Ing. Francesco Berti


Francesco Berti services as Gamatec’s Head of Market Development and Sales. Francesco has worked as Manager of the Distributed Energy Generation for international Utilities and Energy Service Providers; he founded and managed energy and environment consulting companies developing projects for renewable energy production, energy efficiency and Waste to Energy.

Dr. -Ing. Ivan Bordonzotti


Ivan Bordonzotti serves as Technical Director for Gamatec. Ivan has lead innovation in R & D departments of large international chemical and energy plants suppliers; he founded and managed several start-up and innovative companies and engineering teams specialized in thermochemical reactors design.

Diego Lorijn

Marketing & Communication Director



Diego Lorijn is Gamatec’s Marketing and Communication Manager. Specialized in B2B Sales & Marketing and Creative Business Development Strategies, Diego had an immediate impact when he joined Gamatec in the winter of 2015 largely increasing Gamatec’s brand visibility. His broad international network and marketing experience allowed Gamatec to get adequate visibility and representation via their acquisition channels. Fully understanding the needs of increase profitability and enhance business opportunities in a new, dynamic, social and international GreenTech environment, Diego further helped to define Gamatec’s business model.

Haim Samuels

Business Development & Partner



Haim Samuels services as Gamatec’s Business Development Partner. As a political scientist and creative professional with over 15 years of experience working for universities, organizations, major corporations, and award winning documentaries film makers, Haim combines a wealth of knowledge and experience in social science, marketing and media production. He strives to work for causes and brands that are defining the times we live in.



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